The EVER Manifesto & Cittadellarte Fashion: Bio Ethical Sustainable Trend

During Milan Fashion Week at the Cittadellarte Fashion: Bio Ethical Sustainable Trend event Princess Charlotte Casiraghi, daughter of Prince Caroline of Monaco, introduced the Ever Manifesto. A new publication she is producing which aims to explore sustainability through fashion, art, education, politics and ecology.

Ms Casiraghi describes the publication as a “communications think tank” inviting designers, artists and experts to come together to focus on the idea of sustainability and how they can combine skills to transform society. The publication will be distributed free at Corso Como, Milan Fashion week and will then available from Colette in Paris.

The Cittadellarte Fashion Event invited eleven designers (selected by Italian Vogue) to explore ecological materials and processes within their work. The designers included Marco de Vincenzo, Silvio Betterelli, and Marta Forghieri, all from Italy; Osman Yousefzada and Mark Fast, Britain; Siri Johansen, Norway; Mary Katrantzou, Greece; José M. Nunes da Silva Giralt, Spain, Matthew Ames, United States; and Sandra Backlund, Sweden.

Event organiser Mr Pistoletto, 76 said he organised the event because he felt fashion needed an Eco boost as it was under explored within the Milan fashion industry. He claimed it was about “unifying aesthetics with ethics…” I think the relationship between the ethics and aesthetics is an interesting and valid point, for sustainable fashion to be truly desirable and demanded for by consumers it needs to be really beautiful and functional as well as ecological. There has been huge developments of late and as more designers explore ecological materials and processes it pushes the boundaries creating new and exciting outputs for the fashion industry. The Cittadellarte Fashion: Bio Ethical Sustainable Trend will be showcased in Milan from 23 September 2009- Feb 2010.

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