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PaperTweet3d: Augmented Reality T-shirts from squidder on Vimeo.
This short little video has been produced by squidder using a FLARtoolKit.  This is an early proto-type of their concept check out their website for more info…

Geek + Heart = Social Innovation

Gossip girl – Technology Tells All…

I am officially addicted to Gossip Girl! Full of the winter flu and feeling tragically sorry for myself I decided to catch up on some girlie TV. I had read about GG in  January edition of Vogue as a fashion writer wrote about her addiction to the series – the article talked about the fashion, more fashion and well, more fashion…

As I turned on the first episode and was hooked – I mean it is literally filled with FASHION! The show has two leading ladies Blair Waldorf and Serena Van der Woodson, both from downtown Manhattans elite. They shop in Henri Bendels and Bergdorfs – its basically front row fashion footage.
The show is narrated by a mystery fashion blogger called Gossip Girl who reports all the scandal of the casts secret escapades and each episode shows them checking their blackberries and mobiles to review the latest blog postings. The show projects how young people today engage with technology and is a fine example of generation C – the new phenomenon capturing user generated content via the Web. The C stands for content, creativity and community.
As most of us now carry a mobile phone we are constantly connected to our personal network of friends, family and colleagues – no decision is made alone and everything is decided via the gang we carry around in out pocket or if your a GG your Hermes Birkin!
The opportunities presented via the Internet blur the boundaries between the manufacturer and consumer or even the design and the consumer. As consumers are becoming more savvy about where things come from and how they are made.
We can also see a new wave of journalism mediated via blogs on the web as people have a platform to reach an audience, communicate their thinking and share their experiences. I recently attended a talk at LCF on Fashion and the Internet hosting speaker Susie Bubble from Style Bubble. Her blog has been active for 2-3 years and she has a huge following with over 15,000 hits a day. The audience was packed with some failing to secure entry to the event. Everyone was anxious to find out her secret – why is her blog so successful? Her answers to the questions fielded at her reflected an honest account of a girl with no other agenda apart from a love and passion for fashion!
My love for Gossip Girl and fashion still continues , I can’t yet decide if I’m a Blair or a Serena? I have always loved the Bohemian Chic look of floaty fabrics and wavy hair. But I can’t help falling in love with Blair’s gorgeous Milly Dresses – I want one! I also adore her cute little head bands and colourful tights. The show has inspired me to be more adventurous with my style – I may not be able to afford to indulge at Bendels but I can customise. I just need to find my needle and thread.
Until next time you know you love me! xoxo