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I watched Gok’s Fashion Fix again the other evening. I like some of the ideas which the show explored as it presented lots of ways to update and adapt clothing to create new looks.  Gok turns to DIY sewing, stitching, nipping and tucking to adjust high street fashion to compete against high end fashion. 

The shows format has evolved from the last series with lots of new topics being explored like the “capsule wardrobe concept”. Gok helps style a woman each episode and begins by hanging her complete wardrobe on a washing line. He then interrogates her wardrobe and offers style tips to create the perfect capsule wardrobe – a collection of interchangeable garments selected to mix and match.

This promotes considerate consumption and forces us to question will I wear it? do I need it? does this co-ordinate with everything else in my wardrobe? All of these questions not only promote sustainable consumption but also promote sustainable relationships with our clothing.

Shopping can be a really personal experience and not one complete set of rules can resolve everything as we all have different fashion needs and wants, different budgets and available time. The tips and tricks offered are affordable and require minimal skill and little time therefore I think it will appeal to a larger audience. 

 The channel 4 website has a great resource section and it is updated weekly with lots of how to’s…


2 Responses to “Gok’s Fashion Fix How To’s”

  1. Shauna Chapman Says:

    In June 1941 clothing and most textiles by the bolt were rationed, which in reality meant one new garment per annum per person. The original ‘make do and mend’ ladies were forced to be innovative; as is well documented. Gok is fab but lets not forget ladies like my friend’s grandmother who made a hat out of a flour sack–a ‘pattern’ published in the newspapers of the time!!!

    • considerateclothing Says:

      Hi Shauna, Thanks for your comment. I agree the original make do and mend ladies were really innovative and I think lots can be learned by reviewing their practice… I recently purchased a make do and mend book which had been re-published and I think its fascinating to learn about the methods they explored. Fast fashion has allowed clothing to become more accessible but sadly we have lost skills in the process. It’s exciting that sewing machine/ haberdashery sales are on the increase and there is a growing interest in make do and mend…I think its lovely that Gok’s fashion fix is bringing these ideas/efforts back into discussion 🙂

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