Gok’s Fashion Fix

Gok’s Fashion fix is back! I enjoyed the customisation theme of season one as Gok presented tips and tricks showing how to adapt high street clothing to create bespoke looks.

The new season explores new approaches taking viewers on a journey towards creating the perfect capsule wardrobe of interchangeable pieces selected to co-ordinate. This considerate approach encourages us to apply more rigour to our fashion consumption. Gok’s new mantra of buy less and wear more demonstrates that investing in clothing chosen to co-ordinate can create maximum looks with minimal pieces.

It’s a good mantra and it challenges us to question do we really wear everything in out wardrobe?

I also like the subject of high street v high fashion as Gok battles it out each week to style high street fashion to compete against high end designer fashion.

1239735600-652136-goksfash-12391013860To compete against bespoke tailoring and luxury fabric he styles and adapts high street fashion on a budget by cutting, stitching, pinning and tucking. All looks are styled and paraided on the catwalk at the end of the show with the audience voting for their favourute looks.


The show is packed with lots of tips and tricks to activly engage with fashion to maximise the efficiency of our wardrobes by creating looks to suit our body shape and styled to accommodate our daily functions. The customisation themes encourages DIY practice and with an increase in sewing machine sales there is a growing trend in make do and mend.


Visit the fashion fix website for further info

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