Seam- Less

I have been thinking about clothkit/kit fashion… Is there a toolkit that will allow anybody to create their own clothing?

Cloth-kits were a 70’s phenomenon of pre-printing garment patterns onto fabric, requiring the user to cut along the pre-printed lines, assemble and stitch. Then in the 90’s visionary fashion designer Issey Miyake took the concept to a whole new level when he introduced A-POC (a piece of cloth).

To create A-POC an industrial weaving machine is controlled by a programmed computer, which produces continuous tubes of fabric, which form both shape and pattern, producing seamless garments requiring no needle and thread! To assemble the wearer cuts along the pre-.marked lines, to adapt shape and length and then the garment is ready to wear!

This patent-pending process has been a closely guarded industry secret, which has the potential to provide design solutions at a time when we are rethinking and questioning our production and consumption. Prof Toshiko Mori, an architect at the Harvard Graduate School of Design referred to A-POC as a high tech, high design, low-cost solution.

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