Schway Fashion – more interaction

Hello again, someone kindly left me another link for a new fashion interaction website called Schway Fashion”. Its engineered to allow you to mix and match different garments (including accessories) which can be saved or emailed to your friends – or even uploaded to your facebook profile.

The process begins with a mannequin for which you can select the underwear, garments and full accessoriesbasically create your own look from head to toe! There are garments from Ted Baker, and high end luxury classics from Chanel, Gucci, Christain Louboutin, Ralph Lauren and Jimmy Choo. As I pieced together my own little collection my heart did a little flutter as the virtual calculator tallied the cost below the outfit!!
What I like about this website is that it is easy to use which allows you to create looks with minimal effort. The sharing features presents opportunities to exchange ideas and interact with fellow fashion enthusiasts.
I think technology is changing at a rapid pace changing the ways we interact and engage with the objects around us. As tools like this become available it presents consumers with the opportunity to become more independent by exploring all fashion alternatives in opposed to trends dictated to them.  This will allow consumers to identify their own personal style making them more considerate when selecting their closing.
A lot of fashion magazines are touching upon the theme of consideration and thoughtful consumption. As we enter the new fashion season we are seeing a transition towards timeless and well made clothing. We should try to find ways to re-style our current items by co-ordinating with new accessories or accompanying with stable key pieces which will carry us into the next season. Interactive fashion tools can support this thinking by allowing us to catalogue fashion creations in an intangible way – reducing disposable consumption and promoting beautiful style.

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