Paper Dolls

I have been writing about ways to explore fashion and style using technology but how do we explore fashion without digital media?
Thinking about this issue made me think about the relationship between the tangible and intangibles. Does digital media fully satisfy our fashion needs and wants? I know when shopping I like to touch the fabric to feel the texture and see how the fabric moves.
I began to brainstorm the ways I interact with fashion without technology or hitting the high street.  I began to reminisce about fashion games I played as a child – we had an old Nintendo games consoles to play super Mario brothers and no PC until our teens. As children we used to spend hours and hours playing with Barbie Dolls, our fashion wheel, paper doll dress up kits or play around with our dress up box. It was all about dressing up and creating new characters and we became immersed in a world of our developing
our own creations.
When my friends little girl comes to visit she always asks to play fashion dress up games on my mac book. I recently ran a google search and got 4,190,000 results for dress up fashion games! This communicates the shift in our culture and how children are growing up embracing new technology. They know what buttons to press without reading the instructions, they know how the purpose and rules of a game without any explanation.
I looked online and found lots of DIY paper doll downloads for both children and adults (only 341,00 google results).Etsy have some fab handmade kits for children and I was amazed to see vintage Dior and Yves Saint Laurent paper doll books available on amazon, for the adults!
How it works: You cut out the doll which acts as your real life avatar – you can then cut out different garments and accessories which have folding paper tags at the seams to attach to the doll.
I think this is a fun way to explore fashion and all you need is a pair of scissors.

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