Little Big Planet – Explore, Create and Share

Outside the fashion bubble, the computer game “Little Big Planet” has grabbed my attention. I am not one to follow computer games but the methods and opportunities presented by this game really inspired me!

After much anticipation it was launched at the end of last year in partnership with Sony and Media Molecule. The game provides tool kits for users to create their own levels and customise characters within a shared virtual platform. The game is evolving in ways the designers could never forecast as users upload content to create their own worlds.
The cute, playful style of the graphics appeals to many different audiences and captivates both adult and child! As a Textile Designer, the fabric swatches and stitched textures appealed to me. There is also a sticker library and a camera tool to take snapshots and expand your archive which you can then stick onto objects within your level or others. I have never played a games console but the functions and tools are engineered in such a way that you forget about the technicalities and this allows you to focus on being creative.
The game has sparked many debates about intellectual property and questions who owns this user generated content? The levels are being reviewed and Sony is learning a lot from user generated content, they are even scouting players to employ as level designers! It provokes many  questions about the relationship between the consumer and the designer.
By reviewing this game, I realise that some methods can be borrowed and applied within a fashion context. By bringing consumers together they can be inspired to participate in creating goods and services that they desire.littlebigplanet-1

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