Learning to Love You More

Digital media is changing the consumer experience. No longer are we led by super brands telling us what we need and when we need it. We are becoming more educated about the reasoning behind the goods and services we buy into – allowing us to make informed decisions.

The way we engage with goods or services is changing as technology advances. We now have many more opportunities to connect with others on a global scale to share skills, ideas and experiences.

I came across an interesting project called “Learning to Love you More” by artists Harrell Fletcher and Miranda July. They have created a web platform which present a series of 70 assignments and member’s of the public are invited to complete any/all of the assignments using film, photography or text. The submissions are curated and posted on the “learning to love you more” website. Since the launch of the project in 2002, over 8,000 people have participated and some of their work has been included in exhibitions which have been shown in venues all over the world. A book has also been written and curated by July and Harrell, presenting some of the content.

Some of the assignments are open to interpretation and prompt thinking about relationships, society, our environment, memories, feelings, experiences, people… This is a lovely example of participatory practice, allowing the public to creatively engage and collaborate. The project presents beautiful insights into human experience and interactions showcasing how people think, act and love.

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