Keep Track of your Style

Have you ever watched the opening of the movie clueless? When she logs onto her computer to mix and match her clothing – everything is categorised and colour coded to perfection. The film Clueless was launched in 1995 and technology has since come a long way.

We now have so many tools at our disposal. A lot of fashion bloggers photograph what they wear daily and upload to their blog sites to express their style and fashion ensembles to their blogger audience recording what they wear daily and monitoring how their style transitions over time.
In a period where fashion has become accessible we own more clothing than ever. Women currently wear roughly 1 in 3 items hanging up in their wardrobes – that’s over 60% hung up unworn!
I found an American website called weardrobe which allows people to upload photographs and tag each item of clothing – which is then archived into a virtual wardrobe to catalogue your clothing. You can view other people’s clothing and where each garment was purchased. There are also weekly competitions for the best styled outfit under different themes with the winners receiving gift vouchers for selected US stores.
Another piece of software I have been using is Touch Closet an application I have downloaded to my iPhone. You photograph your clothing and file it under categories and colour theme. Each item is stored and you can mix and match to create new looks. It allows you to create outfits and save them so that you have a library of key looks. I have only began using it – but i think this will become useful when out shopping. For example, if tally’s how many of each item you own therefore I will defiantly by more selective if it reminds me I already own ten pairs of jeans – it will prompt me to question do I really needs it, do I already have it and will I ever wear it?
Both are fun methods to play around with clothing and develop our individual style. I don’t think technology can ever replace the fashion experience as clothing is so tangible you really need to touch the fabric to see how it moves and feels. But technology can enhances our clothing experience by allowing us to engage with others and express our fashion experiences.closetscreen51competition

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