Hussein Chalayan – From Fashion and Back

I went to see the Hussein Chalayan exhibit at the Design Museum on Tuesday and it was amazing! The exhibit is alphabetised into pod sections, which catalogue his annual collections. I felt as if I had had been morphed into the future via a time machine – exiting a different points in time and then re-morphing further and pausing for a private preview of future landscapes.

Each section was stylishly executed and accompanied by music and/or film. The garments themselves were assembled in radical/ exploratory ways using old and new materials to complete a “new look”. A highly skilled and visionary designer – he pushes the boundaries between art & design and creates not only clothing but the film, music and props present an “experience“. Some of the other visitors to the exhibition were just sitting on the floor watching, thinking and reflecting.
I have been inspired by Chalyans work for many years and followed through fashion books, journals and magazines. But – I have never viewed his work directly and let me tell you this was a completely new experience! Some of the pieces are produced using such innovative methods – the intricate construction methods present bold shape and form, traditional methods are applied in contemporary ways to push design further.
I think what inspired and mesmerised me was the progression of adapting alongside the modern world. Inspiration has been drawn from digital media, communication, travel, science, architecture and philosophy. He applies methods in new ways, adopting bold concepts – this interdisciplinary approach creates really exciting outputs.
A fantastic exhibition – go see!

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