Harahuku Girls

Image Illustrated by Joy Nevada
Well they inspired the words for Gwen Stefani’s Love, Angel, Music Baby and some even accompanied her on tour.  “Harajuku Girls” can be found in the Harajuku district in Tokyo, Japan and are legendary for their style. They epitomise street style and are inspired by things like manga anime, video games and pop culture. There are many different styles from Gothic Lolita, Gothics Maid, Wamono, Decora, Second Hand Clothing and Cyber Fashion.
I first heard about them when I subscribed to the Japanese publication Fruits – a fashion magazine that catalogued the Harajuku Culture and fashion. The magazine was later edited into two books with little words – just beautiful photography of these bold ensembles.
What I like about Harajuku girls is their bold fashion choices and freedom of expression. They are creative and resourceful in seeking out key pieces and trinkets to create new looks. These fashion parades also represent emerging trends inspired by new technology. Inspired by computer games – they utilise technology to adapt their looks.
As they gather in groups – texting, blogging and playing digital games they remind me of the show Gossip Girl. Their relationships between fashion and technology are similar only its a different kind of fashion and they are using technology to communicate different messages.
The harajuku girls are also experts at DIY fashion – everything is customised to create a unique, bespoke look. Their bold self expression makes them iconic – style is style and fashion may be fashion.

Harajuku Girl – you got style!

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