Guerrilla Fashion Show

Guerrilla marketing presents alternative ways to introduce ideas and products in public spaces. The concept encourages marketeers to use creative  methods to generate as much publicity as possible, attracting attention to a cause. The term  was coined by Jay Conrad Levinson (1984) in his book titled Guerrilla Marketing which been cited in many books, articles and campaigns since.
What is Guerrilla Fashion?
In the TV show Gossip Girl, the character Jenny (an aspiring fashion designer) hijacks a public event to present her work in a “Guerrilla Fashion Show” with the goal to attract the attention of NYC’s fortune 500’s. I have posted a video from YouTube this is purely fictional but conveys the concept!

At London Fashion week 2009 an alternative fashion show took place in the streets outside the London Fashion Week Venue, organised by Conscious Designers Collective – an Eco collective founded by ethical design labels Tammam, Miksa, Sew Last Season and Ria Roberts. The CDC are a non-profit organisation with the goal to spread the message about fair trade, environmental practices and sustainability.


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