Fashion Hactivism

I have been following the work of Otto von Busch, designer, theorist and activist. Hew has just completed his PhD entitled Fashion-able, Hactivism and Engaged Fashion Design at the University of Gothenburg.

Through self passage he collaborated with other designers to challenge traditional fashion design through a series of workshops to produce a series of open source toolkits of a “how to nature” – inspiring people to hack traditional fashion methods.

His work is provocative and inspires people to actively engage in the fashion cycle to take ownership. By making things our own – we can create new ways to produce, consumer and adorn fashion. I find his work empowering and his approach challenges us to re-evaluate fashion and find ways to relate to our clothing at a time when we are becoming disassociated and things convey less value.

I love his newly coined terms of Craftivism (craft meets political activism), Shopdropping (the art of reverse shoplifting), or Swap-o-Rama-Rama workshops.

His thesis and toolkits are available to download via

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