Cloth Kits

I have been thinking about Cloth Kits since I came across their beautiful stand at the knit and stitch show at Alexandra Palace, London (2008). They are a great way to explore dressmaking if your a novice. The kit consists of a pattern pre-printed onto fabric so no dressmaking pattern or pins are required.

This isn’t a new concept and goes back to 1988, a mail order company who once employed 400 workers. The brand was re-bought in 2007 and re-launched with newly designed fabrics and garments all printed in the UK.
I am going to order this beautiful skirt (shown left) I think the quirky print will cheer me up over the rest of the wintry days teamed with some tights and then again into summer days with a pair of flip flops and a t-shirt. I’ll report back with some photos of my attempts to cut and sew. Have a look on their website – there are lots of different garments and accessories to choose from.
I think this is a wonderful concept to allow the masses to participate in dressmaking in a time where skills have become lost. As prices on the high street continue to drop, it makes fashion more accessible and saves time and pennies (it costs more to make your own). But as skills are no longer passed from generation to generation – who will uphold tradition and value. If I think of the most valued possession in my wardrobe – a handmade black pinafore/skirt (the straps remove) it fits perfect and co-ordinates with almost anything. A friend of my mums made it for me in a day after I presented her with some clippings from vogue. She was so advanced in dressmaking she didn’t even pull out a measuring tape and it still amazes me that its the best fitted item in my wardrobe!
I think a lot can be learned from buying a clothkit we just have to learn to make some time!

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