Burda Style

Designed for people who sew with style, Burda style allows users to access the knowledge and expertise to create their own clothing at the click on a button. This digital community allows users to upload detailed photographs of their creations accompanied by a pattern. The user then has the option to openly share or profit from the pattern downloads.

All patterns are accompanied by a difficulty rating making it easy to identify which matches your skills and know how. There is also a high number of reviews from other users which identifies any flaw in the pattern or suggestions for alterations, fabric changes etc… A sewpedia directory provides an A-Z of all dressmaking techniques, tools, fabrics and design terms.
I think this is a fab way to bring people together to collaborate and share fashion interests. Some of the photographs of the creations are beautifully edited and suggests that there is potential to create something stylish and unique.
You can also see from the background in the pictures that people are producing these creations from home and then uploading them via their computers while others are styles and photographed by professionals. It is apparent that all users are investing time in their creations and you can see a sense of pride and purpose by the way they are presented in the photographs.
When searching under different clothing categories I was amazed to see the quantity of creations. I have been questioning peoples relationships with clothing and how much we as a society participate in the life cycle of clothing. I was chatting about this to a relation recently as she told stories about her childhood when her clothing was always homemade and fitted perfectly. She went onto say how it saddened her that her clothing was no longer made with love and that she worries that the next generation has begun to lose these skills…
On finding this open source platform I think its true to say that these skills are not lost, only hidden away. I don’t think our generation had become deskilled we are just applying and expressing them in a different way. It is clear through this website that the creations are made with lots of care and consideration and the community environment allows users to support each other. burda

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